Disposable Cleanroom Coveralls


Disposable Cleanroom Coveralls in Microporous

Disposable cleanroom coveralls made from 50gsm microporous breathable material.

Disposable microporous coveralls are ideal for cleanroom use.

Our cleanroom coveralls are antistatic to prevent static discharge and static jump.

Suitable for forensics and crime scenes. Disposable microporous coveralls are the most reassurring garment to prevent cross-contamination in forensics!

Also commonly used in laboratories and hospitals. Essential for microbiology labs to protect employees from non-toxic particles, liquid sprays and dust.

These disposable coveralls are EN 14126 certified thus provide users superior barrier protection.

Robust and hardwearing to tears and punctures.

Breathable material making them comfortable to wear.

  • Zip fastening and zipper flap
  • Elasticated cuffs, ankles and waist
  • With hood
  • Anti-static
  • No pockets
  • Colour White
  • Sizes available in S, M, L, XL, XXL
Anti-static, EtO sterilized, EN14126 certified
(individually wrapped in boxes of 25)
£2.40 per coverall + vat

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Disposable Microporous Coveralls

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